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Are Water Test Strips for Hot Tubs Accurate?


Keeping your water clean and balanced is essential if you have a hot tub Oklahoma City. Not only does managing the water chemistry in Edmond hot tubs prevent the build-up of bacteria, but it also keeps your hot tub working efficiently. Of course, anyone who owns a hot tub knows that test strips are the primary tool for managing your water chemistry.

Test Strips for Edmond Hot Tubs

If you have looked at “hot tubs near me,” you have probably seen images of people using and caring for hot tubs, including testing strips. While there are other options for checking the water quality, testing strips are popular because they are fast and easy to use. The question remains, how accurate are they?

The Pros and Cons of Test Strips

Test strips provide several benefits:

  • They are inexpensive and easy to find.
  • They will test different chemistry levels simultaneously, including pH balance, total hardness, total alkalinity, chlorine, and bromine.
  • They can be fairly accurate, in most circumstances, when the tests are done correctly.

Of course, for every pro, there is a con:

  • People who are color blind can have trouble interpreting the test.
  • Contamination from drops of hot tub water or improperly sealing the container will affect the test strip results.
  • Since you can purchase large quantities of test strips, you might not notice when they expire.

How to Use Hot Tub Oklahoma City Test Strips

The first step to getting an accurate test strip result is to use a product that is compatible with your hot tub. For example, Frog@ease is the test strip brand approved for Bullfrog Spas hot tubs. Always follow the instructions for your test strips, but here are a few universal rules to consider:

  • Angle the container down and when you pull out a test strip to prevent contaminants from falling inside and ruining your strips.
  • Carefully pull out a test strip without touching the others. Dirt and oil on the skin can affect the remaining test strips.
  • Shake excess water off the strip after dipping it into the hot tub or container of water from the spa.
  • Compare your damp test strip to the color chart that comes with your specific testing kit.
  • Use the results to determine what you need to do to balance the water chemistry in your hot tub.

To ensure that your hot tub’s water is clean and safe, make sure that you test your water regularly. Most companies recommend testing around one a week. You should also test your water if you have any concerns about the chemistry. If the spa is foamy or the water level has risen after a storm, for example, play it safe and grab a test strip before using your hot tub.

Remember to discover everything you can about the care and maintenance of a spa when you search for “hot tubs near me.” The team at Bullfrog Spas in Oklahoma will be happy to share the information you need to properly care for your hot tub. Please visit one of our locations or contact us for more information.