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Are Swim Spas Tulsa a Good Alternative to a Pool?


If you enjoy swimming but lack the space for a swimming pool, swim spas Tulsa could be the solution to your problem. The beauty of a swim spa is that it combines the best of both worlds, exercise and relaxation.

What Are Swim Spas Oklahoma?

Swim spas have been gaining popularity thanks to the health and fitness crowd. Bullfrog Spas has now developed its incomparable Swim series, which takes the swim spas to the next level. So, what are they?

A swim spa is similar to a hot tub in that it has jets and seats for soaking and relaxing. However, it is long enough for someone to swim in, thanks to a jet system that creates a current of resistance in the water. With a swim spa, you can exercise without the room that a pool requires. Since you can get a good workout with a swim spa, it is an excellent alternative to a pool. Of course, the option to relax in a hot tub is also in a swim spa's favor.

Benefits of Swim Spas Near Me

Easy Installation

A pool requires a great deal of preparation. In-ground pools demand excavation, clearance for a fence, cement, fiberglass, pool coping, etc. Keep in mind that most pools are at least 20 feet long. Additionally, your yard needs sufficient room for all the equipment and workers necessary to complete the job. Even above-ground pools can be a hassle to install if you want them to look nice.

On the other hand, swim spas Tulsa only require a small amount of clearance and an electrical source. Rather than waiting days or weeks to swim in a pool. Professionals can install your swim spa quickly and easily.

Use and Cost

Swimming is typically a summer activity. The cooler weather makes swimming less appealing unless you have an indoor or heated pool. Many people stay out of their pools in fall, winter, and early spring. Although Oklahoma has its share of hot weather, there is quite a gap when pools go unused.

On the other hand, swim spas Oklahoma are small enough to place near owners' homes, so there is no need to walk a long distance to them. Additionally, the warm water allows you to enjoy swimming as the temperature begins to drop.

The cost of installing a pool varies greatly depending on the pool and location. Once the pool is installed, there is the cost of electricity for the pump and other upkeep. A quality swim spa is not cheap. However, it is likely comparable once you factor in the total cost of installing a pool.

One advantage that a Bullfrog swim spa does have is its energy consumption. The Swim Series is highly efficient, as are all other Bullfrog products.

If you are interested in researching “swim spas near me," we invite you to visit Bullfrog Spas OKC Tulsa. We only stock the best products on the market, and we have three locations to make seeing the items available easy for you.