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Are Saltwater Spas in OKC Good for Your Skin?


With the warmer months approaching, taking care of your skin is all the more important. The sun's harsh rays and chemicals from swimming pools and spas can quickly take your skin from glowy and nourished to dry and dull. However, saltwater spas in OKC allow you to relax year-round without damaging your skin.

How Can Saltwater Spas Help Your Skin?

Saltwater spas provide a host of benefits for your skin as you soak and relax.

Softer Skin

Salt is typically used in a variety of skincare products to help soften and soothe skin. When soaking in your saltwater spa, the salt acts as a gentle exfoliator for the skin. The dead cells on your skin's surface are brushed away, leaving behind smooth, soft skin.

Cleans Pores

Soaking for a few minutes in your saltwater spa can have excellent cleansing benefits for your skin. The warm water opens up pores, and the salt acts as a natural antibacterial agent. Saltwater Bullfrog spas in Moore clean out your pores and can help with acne.

Helps Skin Conditions

The natural properties of salt can help the dryness and itching caused by certain conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Chemicals like chlorine can leave your skin dry, irritated, and itchy after a soak. Saltwater spas, however, leave your skin feeling refreshed and soothed.

Other Benefits of Owning Saltwater Spas in OKC

Alongside softer, healthier skin, saltwater spas provide other benefits for easier relaxation.

Improved Maintenance

Saltwater spas have less maintenance than standard spas. Salt naturally creates chlorine and sanitizes the spa consistently, so there is no need to fill your spa with chemicals. As such, it is recommended to clean your saltwater spa every 12 months, whereas a regular spa should be cleaned every three months. Closely maintaining your spa's pH level and investing in quality patio covers OKC can help keep your spa running smoothly for many years.

Increased Buoyancy

Saltwater spas are the perfect atmosphere to rejuvenate after an intense workout or injury. The warm temperature and high salt content of your spa increase the water's buoyancy. Buoyancy helps ease the pain from sore muscles and joints by taking extra weight off the body.

No Harsh Chemicals

Because the salt naturally sanitizes your spa, there is no need to buy harsh chemicals to keep your spa clean and safe to use. When using a saltwater spa, your nose won't have to suffer from the intense chemical scent of the water. Likewise, your eyes won't be red and irritated from chemical exposure after a relaxing soak in your spa.

Discover Quality Saltwater Spas at Bullfrog Spas in Moore

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