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Adding JetPaks to Your Hot Tub For Fun and Therapy


The JetPak Therapy System is what sets a Bullfrog Spa apart from other hot tubs. If you are looking for a little bit of fun and therapy within your custom hot tub Oklahoma or portable spa look no further. The JetPak Therapy System is exclusive to Bullfrog Spas and was designed to provide users with an amazing hydro massage sensation that is adaptable and specialized for each user's needs.

Specialized and Unique-HOT TUB THERAPY

Each and every jet used in the Bullfrog hot tub with JetPaks serves a different purpose to massage and provide wellness for all types of therapy objectives. By opting to add JetPaks to your at-home hot tub, you will have the ability to enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy session right in your own backyard, whenever you desire. These hot tubs in Oklahoma provide the ultimate custom and personalized therapy, and once you try a Bullfrog Spa you will be completely hooked!

There are 16 different types of JetPaks that you may opt to add to your hot tub. Each JetPaks has its own focus that can help provide you with therapy, relaxation, and fun at the same time.  When you get into a car you haven't driven, think about how you adjust the mirrors and seat to maximize your comfort- why would using a hot tub be any different?  Considering how no two human's bodies are alike, Bullfrog Spas' Research and Development team engineered a hot tub that is adaptable and flexible, with the users as their top concern.  The JetPak is created using different jets that specialize within their respective therapy's uses.

DeepRelief Jets are some of the bestselling and most powerful jets. Many people choose to add at least one JetPak with this into their hot tubs.  If you are dealing with aches and muscle pains JetPaks using this jet will be the the ideal for you. You can relieve extreme day to day tension with the help of this high-powered jet that was specifically designed to provide you with a focused deep-tissue massage in your spa.

FirmRelief Jets provide hot tub owners with a steady firm massage designed to help to relax and remove the tension from various muscle groups. For a great mix of therapy and relaxation look for JetPaks that feature this jet.

Both Single Pulse Jets and Dual Pulse Jets provide a kneading pressure and use a rhythmic pulsing motion. These Jet Paks provide extreme relaxation and relief of tension. DualPulse jets are a bit quicker in their intervals between pulses and SinglePulse jets provide a slower more relaxing massage.

Target Therapy Jets provide firm pressure, which will relieve your muscles, giving you a relaxing and rejuvenated feel. These JetPaks address certain parts of your body with your hot tub massages. These types of jets are placed in various areas of the hot tub and focus on high tension parts of the body, including feet, calves, wrists, and hips.

Oscillator Jets and Shower Jets are other jets available among Bullfrog Spas. The Oscillator Jets offer a figure-8 kneading motion and provide a wide range massaging action for maximum relaxation. Shower Jets are light and offer a soothing caressing feel. This is the perfect massage for escaping your cares for a while.

Fun With JetPaks

JetPaks provide users with hydrotherapy relief in their spa, but also add in a little bit of fun. You can experience new and unique feelings while relaxing in the comfort of your very own hot tub. Instead of buying a new hot tub introducing new JetPaks can keep your spa fresh and instill that new feeling after years of ownership.  Adding Jetpacks allow you to experience it all - during a fun and relaxing time at home- while you receive deep-tissue massages, soothing motions, firm relief, or kneading actions.