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5 Stunning Advantages of Hot Tubs Chromotherapy


One of the little-known benefits of owning hot tubs is the ability to change the color of the lights when the mood strikes. While a change in lighting is fun, it may also have mental or physical wellness benefits known as chromotherapy.

What Is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is an ancient and holistic treatment found in various civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Greece, and India. The idea behind chromotherapy is that colors have frequencies or vibrations that promote balance to support various conditions.

Chromotherapy and Hot Tubs Tulsa

So, what does chromotherapy have to do with hot tubs near me? The various colors of hot tub lighting can play a role in chromotherapy. Here are five ways that they can help:

Blue Light

You may notice that many hot tubs Tulsa are automatically set to blue lighting. Blue light is known for its calming effect and the ability to promote relaxation, so it makes perfect sense to have blue light in a hot tub. After all, the point is to relax.

However, studies have shown that blue light can alleviate anxiety and certain health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. There may be advantages to chromotherapy than we realize

Red Light

Red lighting in hot tubs is not just for Valentine’s Day. While it is romantic, this primal color can also energize and improve circulation. Enhancing circulation may help reduce pain and help the healing process.

Green Light

Green is a color that promotes harmony. Since it is in the middle of the color spectrum, green is the color of balance. It is known for calming the thought process and aiding in muscle relaxation. Green is ideal for both the mind and the body. When people are in balance, they are able to live better.

Purple Light

Purple or violet is the highest color on the chromotherapy color spectrum. As a cool, calming color, it can be beneficial for people under extreme stress as well as insomnia. Purple also has a strong spiritual connotation and has been used for meditation.

Orange Light

As a warm and soothing color, orange is known for promoting creativity. It can be energizing, but it is not as strong as red. Additionally, the color orange is known for supporting healing.

The topic is growing more popular among people who are looking for alternatives to traditional medical treatments. Although chromotherapy is an ancient healing method, scientific studies on the subject are relatively new. While some studies do show potential, it is always best to consult a medical professional before embarking on or altering any treatment plan.

Whether you are interested in chromotherapy or you want to relax in your personal spa, a hot tub can enhance your sense of well-being. If you are ready to look at “hot tubs near me,” please contact Bullfrog Spas OKC Tulsa to find the very best hot tubs and swim spas available on the market. We invite you to visit any of our three locations and discuss all of the options available to you.