Hot Tubs For Every Lifestyle in Oklahoma City

When to Use Your Hot Tub


Hot tub ownership most often for therapeutic, recreation or both's use.  Depending on your life, season, workout schedule, health, occupation and family everyone has differing needs.  There are numerous times you can use a Bullfrog Spa and enhance your quality of life.  We have a few ideas for you!

You’re Stressed 

Soaking in your hot tub can relax you and alleviate some of your feelings of stress and being overwhelmed.  Incense, relaxation music, candles and aromatherapy are ways to create soothing ambience and enhance your hot tub.  Many people view their hot tub as their escape from reality, the place to recover, refuel, infuse positive energy and combat stressful situations.  We recommend scheduling down time 90 minutes before you plan to fall asleep.

Your hot tub surroundings should evoke calmness and peace.  Keep the area around you uncluttered, and even your Bullfrog Spa JetPak’s can be rotated so you can enjoy your favorite view while having your favorite JetPak therapy.  People often enjoy tiki torches, decorative lights, candles and enhance their stress-free surroundings with proper ambience.

You’re in Pain

Soaking in a hot tub relaxes and soothes sore muscles. Heat therapy in a hot tub can aid in alleviating minor muscle aches and tension.

Twenty to thirty minutes daily in your hot tub can assist with shoulder and neck pain, backaches, or even pain throughout your legs and feet. Many hot tub enthusiasts enjoy hydrotherapy as an alternative to using medications or painkillers.

Winter Time Therapy

Long and cold winters, especially in snowy climates can sometimes make us have a bit of cabin fever.  Some people even experience mild depression with earlier dark times and less time outdoors due to the harsh temperatures.  Hot tub owners can escape into their own piece of paradise and enjoy a warm and relaxing experience-right in their backyard.

There is a magical moment sitting outside and watching a snowfall, especially with loved ones or that special someone.  As the snowflakes melt upon reaching the warm water, so will all of your cares.  You can make the most of your Winter Wonderland  with a hot cocoa, tea or your favorite coffee.  The warmth of your hot tub will even keep you from feeling the cold.

Time With Family and Friends

There are lots of things to celebrate, especially with the right people.  Holidays, a marriage in the family, or even an upcoming sporting event are all ideal reasons to host a hot tub party. Invite your friends or just enjoy with those you love most. Spending time with family and friends in the hot tub is a fun and enjoyable way to bond with your loved ones. You could serve food, drinks, or even have a recipe swap or special theme.  Remember to provide plenty of fresh towels for all of your guests.

After Being on Your Feet

After a long day at work on your feet, exercising, or running errands spending time in the hot tub is one way to decompress and relieve aches and pains. After your long day, it is ideal to take time to soak in your jetted hot tub and experience instant relief.

Knowing when the best times are to take a soak in your hot tub.  Whatever the time, temperature, or occasion, it’s always a good time to put your hot tub to good use and truly enjoy it.



*If you have a history of serious medical illness or conditions, consult with your doctor or medical provider before using a hot tub as a healing aid.